Welcome to Spar Yard Marine Solutions Ltd.

We take pride in offering boat owners peace of mind with their investment. Providing dependable and reliable services, we set the highest standards for ourselves in engine, boat repairs and maintenance.

We provide installations, repairs and scheduled maintenance for gasoline/diesel inboard, outboard engines, electrical systems & equipment, as well as most marine systems and hardware.

Whether you are looking for a practical solution to a problem or a complete care package for your vessel, our qualified mechanics will ensure that all jobs are executed professionally and in a timely manner, working to fulfill your needs.

Booking with us is made simple through our online forms.  No more answering machines or lost messages. Our Head Mechanics receive your request the moment you send it, allowing Spar Yard Marine Solutions Ltd. to schedule your work efficiently.  New customers fill out a service request form, including their contact information, and detail their concerns. Ongoing customers simply update any new information and check off the specific services they would like.

For more information on the services or packages available and/or to book service work, please contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.